How Privasee Can Help You Save Time and Money

Lee Webster
February 1, 2023

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If you're not a GDPR expert it can be difficult to visualise the costs and time involved in getting GDPR compliant the conventional way. We have quantified the savings in this post to highlight the real-world savings.

Steps involved with a lawyer:

Creating a compliant Privacy Policy, Creating a compliant Cookie Policy, Create Data Inventory, Initial Meetings & Questionnaires, Configuring Cookie banner

Ongoing Maintenance

Cookie Banner Subscription, Tech Team Updating Banner, Changes needed to cookie banner, Meetings with consultant, Ad-hoc queries, Update Data Inventory, Updating Cookie Policy, ad-hoc queries and updating cookie banner

Scaling your Company

Want to operate in a new country / major changes in regulation (e.g. UK GDPR changes), Translate Privacy Information to another language, Changes in regulation, operating in a new country and translations

Privasee v.s. The 'old way'

Costs of doing it 'the old way'
- Hours - 66
- Cost - €16.076 +

Cost at Privasee - €1320

When you go down the consulting side (sending questionnaires and having follow up meetings with nearly every department) 11h of consulting time won’t get you much, especially when most of the time the consultant will be mapping things which are obvious like which data is processed in your CRM and so on - they can stretch this a lot if they want. The problem is that the consultant will tell you they need to do this to be able to generate other documentation, this is true but how in depth and granular they go is up to them. But that’s not the full picture, our customers report an increase in positive website interactions such as conversion rates from sales and drop in shopping cart abandonment.

So when do I need to Start Thinking About GDPR?

If you install the correct operational processes from the beginning this is the best way to ensure you avoid larger fines as your business grows. As soon as you have a website active you must start to think of GDPR and as soon as you save your first contact info you are at risk of fines if you haven't taken steps to map your data and display your legal policy alongside it.

What Happens if I just Ignore GDPR?

If you ignore your GDPR  responsibilities you are putting your business at risk from fines. The knock-on affects can be huge- you can loose investments, bankrupt your business, and damage your reputation and branding. Copying a privacy policy from another website simply won't cut it.

Get Compliant in <1 Hour

Are you Fully GDPR Compliant?

Ensure your policies are always up to date with Privasee, an AI powered GDPR compliance solution that does it all.