Case Study: Wamo

Lee Webster
February 1, 2023

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wamo Case Study

wamo Became a customer in March 2022- it's a service that allows you to set up a business account in minutes and enjoy all the features of a regular bank account and so much more. Let's find out a bit about wamo from them directly!

What does wamo provide?

wamo provides a business banking account for everyone. We say this because for some people it can prove unexpectedly difficult to get a business bank and in most cases it shouldn’t be. We have made the account opening process quick and painless and place a great deal of importance on one-to-one customer service so that business owners feel supported. With a wamo account you get all the usual banking features and limitless accounts, cards and the option to choose between EU and GB IBANs.

We’re in the process of innovating our account opening process to make wamo even more accessible and easy to use… coming soon!

What is your company culture?

To get us to where we are (we started very small!), we have had to be a very flexible, adaptable team. Now that we’ve grown and settled into things we continue to strive to be a forward looking company with the nature to adapt but our culture right now is around nurturing sole traders and small businesses especially - it’s no secret that there are hard times ahead for businesses and we want to be part of the solution. This applies to our culture as well: looking out for each other and our teams, working hard and celebrating the wins. We’re all in it together.

Why is GDPR important to you?

As a startup in the fintech space/financial services industry, our customer data is sensitive and business owners want to know that their data is being processed in a GDPR compliant way. Many also want to understand how it’s being processed and for what purpose, myself included. Maintaining trust and credibility with our customers is crucial to being able to provide them with a service that they’re happy with.

Why did you choose Privasee?

wamo is a startup with a small team, so we don’t have the luxury to have someone in-house drafting up GDPR compliant policies. We’ve also found that it’s unnecessary! The Privasee portal is intuitive to use, so we can easily update our privacy policy instantly when needed.

The transparent layout and clear language used in the privacy policy provided means that we’re not only covered for GDPR but also all of our customers can read and understand how any of their data is being used.

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