Agencies: How to offer GDPR as part of your services

Lee Webster
September 21, 2022

If you run web design agency, an IT support agency or a marketing agency, you've probably been asked about GDPR. People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of handling data correctly and avoiding the fines associated with non-compliant behaviour. So as we move forward into a landscape with an ever-growing use of third-party tools- each carrying with it it's own data map, how can you assist your clients with GDPR?

Agency Plan

At Privasee we've been collaborating with agency partners for a while now, we work with dozens of agencies across many different countries. From the first handful of conversations we had in our early days we realised the appeal our product has to agencies and decided to build a plan around it. We identified some key features that were important to our clients:

  • No expensive set up fees
  • Freedom to decide your own fees to your clients
  • Your own website's GDPR is also taken care of as part of the deal
  • A workspace where you can bulk onboard clients or invite them and monitor their progress

Passing on Savings to Your Clients

As an agency partner of Privasee you have access to licenses starting at 50% off advertised price. Our tiered pricing means you can get up to 65% off for your clients and you have the freedom to charge them your own price. For this your clients will get a full data map and automated privacy and cookie policy ensuring they never have to worry about their site being GDPR compliant again. You also have the option of charging  your clients monthly or annually.

Selling Points to Your Clients

  • 80% of our customers report an increase in time spent on site
  • Conversion rates from sales up to 30% increase
  • Drop in bounce rates
  • CTA engagements increase
  • Drop in shopping cart abandonment.

By being GDPR compliant your clients also avoid:

  • Large fines for non-compliance
  • Risk of losing investors
  • Risk of bankrupting
  • Bad branding

Official GDPR Partner

We'll also onboard you with a crash course in GDPR, teach you how to use the platform and give you an official 'Privasee GDPR Trusted Partner' badge for your site. Our agency clients have reported better conversion rates, happy customers and more income per 'deal' with their clients.

Find out more by booking a call with us here

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Lee Webster
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